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christmas 2010 poster
The poster for the 2010 Christmas campaign. Click here to see the complete list of where the poster has been posted, as at 20 December 2010.

These downloads are for you to use
absolutely free.

Poster jpegs and PDFs – Here is a high resolution version of the poster for you to...

> print and display on church noticeboards
> print and display on house and shop windows
> use in worship
> turn into cards or service invitations
> incorporate in other items you are producing

Why not place one as an ad in your magazine or newsletter?

Radio adverts

We have two radio adverts targeted at under-25s which you can download and use for free – for example, in Christmas services. Click the links below to play the adverts, or to download them, right-click and select "Save target as..."

Airport announcement
Joseph's answerphone

Here are our radio adverts from last year, which are not for broadcast, but can be used for free in church services or at other Christmas events...

Chart rundown
Police chase
Horse race
Football match

See our Get involved page for ideas on how you can use our Christmas resources.