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christmas 2010 poster
The poster for the 2010 Christmas campaign. Click here to see the complete list of where the poster has been posted, as at 20 December 2010.

Our aim is to place the poster on 2010 sites, in all the UKs major city and town shopping centres, in the run-up to Christmas.

We are seeking to buy a combination of bus shelters; sites near shops and large billboards for up to two weeks in December.

This will enable us to place a Christian message at the very heart of "Christmas consumerism".

We shall supply the posters and organise their posting, but we need individual Christians, Churches and Churches Together groups to donate the funds to help buy the actual sites.

It is a very practical piece of outreach. As an indication...

> 75 – could help buy one week's display on a bus shelter in a major town or city centre where it will be seen by thousands of people

> 150 – could help buy two weeks' display on a bus shelter

> 300 – could help buy two weeks' display on a large billboard on a busy traffic route where it will be seen by thousands of motorists

But we should stress that all donations however large or small will make a real difference. There are over 40,000 churches and more than 4 million church-going Christians in the UK, so it will all add up!

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